28 юни 2023|18:30 - 20:30|София, ул."Вихрен" №10 (бизнес сграда на "Риск Инженеринг" АД)

Date of event: 10.10.2023

Venue: Sofia, 10 Vihren St

(in the business building of "Risk Engineering" AD)

Duration of the training: 18.30 - 21.00


What do you imagine when you hear the word "charisma"? Charm, allure, energy, attractiveness, delight?... Or all these in one - because charisma is the ability to intrigue, captivate, charm, create connections and contacts, conduct conversations and manage emotions.

They call charismatic people "kissed by God" and define them as the most impressive individuals in any society. A charismatic person may be mysterious, but they will never go unnoticed.

The big question is: are just some people born with charisma or can it be developed and nurtured? One thing is certain, the course "How to develop your personal charisma" will reveal knowledge and skills to achieve it: you will learn how to find your strengths that impress others and how to develop them to feel good and be able to control the audience with ease.



For all those who seek personal development and increasing the level of their emotional intelligence in communication, and so influence others around them.



The program includes 5 stages of improvement training:

1. Working with the body - The prejudices that each person has about their own body are an obstacle for expressing their personality. This Live Elegantly Academy course will teach you how to turn your physical handicaps into an advantage. Charismatic does not mean perfect. Charismatic means being remarkable with all our imperfections.

2. Emotional intelligence - the ability to notice, recognize and live with emotions in ourselves and influence our relationships with others. Building emotional intelligence and establishing successful relationships with others is a skill that can be cultivated. This is a key to charisma in one’s personality.

3. Presence in the present - Charismatic people not only reflect everything that is happening, but know how to concentrate on the interlocutor, show interest in people's thoughts and feelings and be the perfect listener. In the selfish 21st century, the ability not only to listen, but also to hear the other is proving difficult to achieve. The course "How to develop your personal charisma" will provide you with the perfect tactics of a good listener.

4. How to present yourself at your best - Other people won't know how great you really are until you know it yourself. How to discover your strengths and weaknesses, your level of energy and motivation and how to inspire others - all this is achieved by learning self-presentation techniques.

5. The ability to get along with everyone - How to communicate easily with so-called difficult people. How this is achieved and how to turn our opponents in communication into friends or win them - you will find this out in this interactive course.

Доволни ученици

Виолета Борисова - бизнес дама

Виолета Борисова - бизнес дама

Възхитена съм от професионализма и енергията, с която се работи в Академия „Живей елегантно“! Препоръчвам корпоративните обучения на екипи. Нестандартни са и с огромен резултат и възвращаемост. Лично за мен беше голям плюс това, че се реализираха в удобно за мен и персонала ми време.

Теодора - визуален артист

Теодора - визуален артист

"Имах привилегията да присъствам на „Елегантният четвъртък“ в Академия „Живей елегантно“. Срещнах се с вдъхновяващи хора, докоснах се до големи таланти. Благодаря ви!“

Десислава Моралес - актриса

Десислава Моралес - актриса

Академия „Живей елегантно“, успявате да създадете невероятна атмосфера! С вас се чувствам част от много специално общество.

Цветелина Маринова - изпълнител

Цветелина Маринова - изпълнител

Арт обученията на Академия „Живей елегантно“ нямат аналог. Щастлива съм, че успях да вляза в музикалните мастър класове. Контактите, които създадох са безценни.  

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