Approximately 75% of people experience fear of public speaking. When stress hormones are released in the body, our behavior changes - often our minds seem to experience a "block", we have difficulty controlling our movements, we tremble... Professional speakers also experience anxiety when they are about to give a public presentation, but they have foolproof methods and techniques, with which they master even their greatest fears. It's time to delve into the world of masterful public speaking and share a few important things about your public presentation.

1. Preparation and organization

Good improvisation is the result of continuous rehearsals. In order to be more confident in front of an audience, you need to take the time to prepare yourself. It is good to visit the venue where you will be presenting. Print your materials from the previous day. If you're working with video, save it to two different devices to make sure it plays. And let's not forget, arriving early when you will be speaking in front of an audience is a must.

2. Visualize your presentation

Visualizing your successful performance will boost your confidence. Imagine that you are at the venue. Then use your senses to form a positive image.

3. Self-management

You can manage to a certain extent your own condition. Avoid consuming too much caffeine before your public speech, as it can make you even more anxious and nervous. Allow 10 minutes for sports exercises before the event. Exercise releases endorphins, which reduce stress levels and make you feel better. Music or listening to a podcast can also have a positive effect on your confidence. It is always a good idea to keep busy while traveling to the venue.

4. Pause

If you find yourself speaking too fast during your presentation, pause and take a deep breath. This will not look strange, on the contrary - in the eyes of others, this is a way to show that you are carefully considering your speech. Pausing will also help you avoid stray words that can reveal uncertainty.

5. Use humor

An engaged audience that finds your presentation interesting, fun and enjoyable... Yes! It's time to use your sense of humor. This is the easiest way to reach the minds and hearts of your audience. This will also create a friendly environment. Of course, don't overdo it – deliver your jokes elegantly, not arrogantly.


6. Consult a professional who will share experiences

The best advice is always from people who have walked the path you are on. They are the ones who can share with you how to deal with problematic situations, which tactics work for managing your voice, timbre and intonation, as well as exercises that will make you feel more confident and relaxed. On May 20, you have the opportunity to meet exactly such a specialist in the field. The established journalist and TV presenter Marianna Vekilska has many years of experience in the field of public speaking, which she will share with you at her master class "How to speak confidently in front of an audience" at the "Live Elegantly" Academy. We are expecting you!