Academy Live Elegantly was inaugurated by the French Countess Marie de Tilly, who arrived from Paris especially for the event. Dressed in an immaculate tuxedo, Orlin Pavlov greeted the guests as they sipped champagne on the lawn of the former Chinese embassy building.

The three founders of the Academy - Antonina Stoyanova, Bogdana Karadocheva and Neli Beshirova - had carefully selected the invitees. Observance of sanitary measures imposed a restriction, although the party was in the open.

Comtesse de Tilly, whose ancestral roots go back to Normandy in the Middle Ages, is a world-renowned instructor of protocol and etiquette, creator of the French Touch Atelier of Fine Manners and Communications, and ambassador of savoir vivre – the art of living with style. She was chosen as the first master-class lecturer at the Live Elegantly"Academy because the culture of communication, no matter whether it is about parliament, the media or a simple conversation, is missing in our society.

The ladies who created the centre of refined knowledge in various spheres of good manners are well known and highly-admired public figures:

Mrs. Antonina Stoyanova, wife of President Petar Stoyanov, doctor of international law, diplomat, specialist in intellectual property with an international career, creator of the Values foundation which supports the development and promotion of Bulgarian culture and art.

Mrs. Bogdana Karadocheva - honorary citizen of Sofia, one of the most beloved and talented Bulgarian singers, the first winner of the Golden Orpheus, who has performed with world stars such as Adamo, Gilbert Becaud, Cliff Richard, Charles Aznavour, Josephine Baker.

Mrs. Neli Beshirova is a businesswoman who manages a multi-million dollar corporation with interests in energy. Her company "Risk Engineering" AD is in the top 20 of the best employers in our country. She is a writer, a member of the International PEN Club. Neli Beshirova is the author of the children's book "You're a Smart Child, Tino" and the epistolary novel "Love and Ego".

The guests at the opening were well-known publishers, star musicians, business representatives, lawyers,... The famous designer Nevena, who dresses the British elite, had arrived from London. The president of the International Women's Club-Sofia Albena Jones was seen talking to the twins Gergana Passi and Mihaela Kalaidzhieva, in the company of lawyer Bilyana Toncheva and the diamond queen Mirela Nenchova.

Show business was widely represented by the composer Stefan Dimitrov, duet Riton, Mihail and Kristina Belchevi. Dessi Tenekejieva arrived with her son Joseph. And the famous TV presenter Andrey was like a whirlwind at the party.

The psychologist Madeleine Algaffari, the protocol expert Kristina Kruncheva and the ethnologist Anelia Milusheva were in attendance, talking to all guests. The gourmet and biohacking Chef Silvena Rowe, joined a bit later.

Antonina Stoyanova explained what motivated her and the other founders to create the Live Elegantly Academy: "We are convinced that elegance can be learned, and that its rules are very necessary today. People who master them are successful."

Bogdana Karadocheva thanked the guests for believing in the need for the Live Elegantly Academy. "The culture of behaviour is an art, and art is something great that ennobles and humbles."

Neli Beshirova also emphasized the need for elegant relationships and respect in life.

Countess Marie de Tilly spoke last. She expressly thanked Mrs. Antonina Stoyanova, with whom she had been discussing this project for two years. She expressed her happiness to be in Bulgaria. "When you are elegant at heart, you just light up your face and then everyone wants to communicate with you. To be elegant also means to respect the other".

The reception ended with a friendly chat under the accompaniment of the sound of saxophone playing and tasting the forthcoming Comtesse de Tilly's business etiquette masterclasses the following day, as well as all the other unique courses at the Academy.