This event put once again the icing on the cake on Thursday night.

The "Elegant Thursday" event became the stage for a large-scale spectacle. The actress and woman with a capital W - Koina Ruseva was the main character on the stage of the Black&White club in the Grand Hotel Millennium.

In the spotlight, in front of fans and socialites, she shared some of her most engaging stories about the challenge of being a woman and an actress: “Yes, ladies, we are the ones who run the family, who choose the man, who work tirelessly and when we get home, we continue - with irregular working hours, day and night. People think that actresses can withstand anything, that we are healthy, strong, that we are machines... But reality is different. Sometimes I really need to not be strong and cry on a man's shoulder," Koina shared from her heart.

Like a real ladies' festive occasion, the evening was filled with heart-warming emotional moments. All the ladies at the event were welcomed with a glass of aromatic rose and a special cosmetic gift from Vedra International. A fine selection of wines, tastefully selected for the event held in partnership with Palms Music, was the touching finale to the impressive evening.

"Elegant Thursdays", organized by Live Elegantly Academy, is a festive meeting, part of the cultural calendar of every socialite and business person in our country. The Academy, created by Antonina Stoyanova, Bogdana Karadocheva and Neli Beshirova, aims to surprise its followers every time with attractive courses and master classes on etiquette and protocol, conducted by the most emblematic personalities and lecturers in our country, such as Mariana Vekilska, Assoc. Prof. Georgi Lozanov, Madeleine Algaffari and many others.

More about the forthcoming sparkling meetings, as well as information about upcoming trainings organized by the Live Elegantly Academy, can be found on the Academy's website www.lea-academy.eu.