"Elegant Thursday" with the poet Margarita Petkova turned into a kind of jam session

The most awaited cultural event in the capital - "Elegant Thursday", organized by the Academy "Live Elegantly" turned into a kind of jam session. In the evening with special guest Margarita Petkova, in addition to poems from her latest book "My White Nights", Bogdana Karadocheva and Stefan Dimitrov performed their timeless songs, improvising. The creative trio demonstrated live, in front of a packed Black&White club, how to make a high class show with only music, poetry and inspiration.

The academy, created by Antonina Stoyanova, Bogdana Karadocheva and Neli Beshirova, aims to surprise its followers every time with attractive lectures and master classes on etiquette and protocol from the most emblematic personalities and lecturers in our country, such as Mariana Vekilska, Assoc. Professor Georgi Lozanov, Madeleine Algaffari, Prof. Daniela Ilieva and many others.

Margarita Petkova told on stage her intimate stories, collected in poems "because I write what I have experienced"; shared the little secrets behind the creation of big hits such as "Only for women", "because Bogdana phoned me and said: I want to sing something about strong girls" or "The pain on the left", created in a matter of hours in a phone conversation with Stefan Dimitrov.

In front of the audience, the queen of verses also revealed a big secret that has been tormenting fans and journalists for many years: who is Ivan from the emblematic song by Bogdana Karadocheva. “Actually, this is a fictional character that Stefan Dimitrov, Bogdana and I created during a trip! That's how the idea for the song was born." - shared Margarita Petkova and concluded: "Stefan feels my pauses in the verses and fills them with music, and only Bogdana can sing these verses! There is no other singer like her!”

In contrast to the categorically strong finale in each verse of Margarita Petkova, the end of the elegant evening remained open, with a promise of a new meeting. Many young talents handed their works for evaluation by the poetess, and she took the time to talk to anyone tempted by the magic of poetry. Her unique style once again captured hearts even through the way she signed autographs: Margarita Petkova challenged everyone to open her book "My White Nights" to a (non)random page. So, according to the randomly opened page and poem, the poet gave a personal autograph - different and personal for each fan.

"Elegant Thursday" is an event organized by "Live Elegantly" Academy, which meets the residents of Sofia with popular personalities from the cultural, musical and artistic elite. Every guest of the events can get a discount on the courses and trainings organized by the "Live Elegantly" Academy. The School of Style, Protocol and Etiquette was created by Antonina Stoyanova, Bogdana Karadocheva and Neli Beshirova, with the mission to challenge new high professional and personal standards. More about the upcoming trainings organized by "Live Elegantly" Academy, as well as an announcement about who will be the new star guests on "Elegant Thursday", can be found on the academy's website