27 April 2023|18:30 - 21:00|клуб Black&White, Grand Hotel Millennium; бул."Витоша"№ 89 Б
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The queen of Bulgarian poetry, Margarita Petkova, will take the stage of "Elegant Thursday" in a few days. On April 27, the poet will be sharing the most beautiful stories from her life and the emotional moments that left a lasting impression on her life path.

Only the guests of "Elegant Thursday" will have the opportunity to hear the real stories from Margarita Petkova's latest book, "My White Nights", as well as get an autograph from her.

Margarita Petkova's poetry is focused on the female constantly searching for love. Like her protagonist, the poet does not hide her passions and partialities. "Love speaks without words, but then I write about it" she shares. In many of her interviews, she mentions that what makes her different from other poets in Bulgaria is her expressing emotions having found place deep in her heart. She adds that the final verses of her poems are her greatest strength.

Margarita Petkova is also the author of the lyrics of some of the most popular songs, which have become emblems of the Bulgarian music stage, such as "The pain on the left" and "Only for women".

The great Bulgarian  poet  Evtim Evtimov recalls that  when she walks through the streets of Tarnovo, not only men, but also houses turn to watch her, and her readers call her “the Empress and Goddess of poetry”.

Now we can  welcome her to the stage at the Elegant Thursday hosted by Live Elegantly Academy.

Please, be welcome on April 27, 2023 in the stylish ambience of the Black&White Club, Grand Hotel Millennium, to feel the energy of a woman who captivated everyone with the ardent verses streaming from the very core of her heart.


18:30 - 19:00 -  Doors opening

19:00 - 20:00 - conversation with Margarita Petkova

20:00 – networking in an informal setting over a glass of wine.

Entry to Elegant Thursday is free, but seating is limited. The pass is available upon prior reservation and confirmation by the "Live Elegantly" Academy.

Satisfied students

Violeta Borisova - business lady

Violeta Borisova - business lady

I am delighted by the professionalism and energy with which work is done at the "Live Elegantly" Academy! I recommend the corporate training teams. They think out of the box and with a huge result and return. Personally, it was a big plus for me that training sessions were held at a time convenient for me and my staff.

Teodora - visual artist

Teodora - visual artist

"I had the privilege of attending "Elegant Thursday" at the "Live Elegantly" Academy. I met with inspiring people, I touched great talents. Thank you!"

Desislava Morales - actress

Desislava Morales - actress

"Live elegantly" Academy, you manage to create an amazing atmosphere! With you, I feel part of a very special society.

Tsvetelina Marinova - performer

Tsvetelina Marinova - performer

The art trainings of the "Live Elegant" Academy have no analogues. I am happy that I was able to take part in the music master classes. The contacts I have made are invaluable.

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