19 May 2022|18:30 - 21:30|гр. София, ул.“Вихрен“ № 10
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An elegant meeting with one of the most loved Bulgarian actresses

What are the different life roles of Marta Vachkova? Where does she feel best: in front of the camera, on stage, amid the applauses or in the comfort of her home? Which lines from the cinema and TV shows does she use in her daily life and what is the secret of her infectious smile?

We are aware that there are many more unanswered questions to this beloved actress and fascinating personality. We are sure that Martina herself has many interesting stories and remarkable moments to share with her fans, friends and followers.

We will meet in our "Elegant Thursday", when Martina Vachkova will be a special guest of the Academy "Live Elegantly"!

Join us for a unique up-close meeting with the beloved Marta!

Come for a glass of wine, an exciting conversation and a special complimentary gift from the "Live Elegantly" Academy for each lady attending the event,

Join us on Thursday - May 19, 2022 - in the big hall at 10 Vihren Street.


6:30 p.m.: we open our doors with a compliment from a fashion brand.

19:00-20:00: conversation with Martina and opportunity to ask questions.

20:00-21:30 hours: elegant cocktail and time for informal conversations.

Due to the great interest and the limited number of seats, entry will be guaranteed after registration on the website and confirmation by the Live Elegantly Academy.


Satisfied students

Violeta Borisova - business lady

Violeta Borisova - business lady

I am delighted by the professionalism and energy with which work is done at the "Live Elegantly" Academy! I recommend the corporate training teams. They think out of the box and with a huge result and return. Personally, it was a big plus for me that training sessions were held at a time convenient for me and my staff.

Teodora - visual artist

Teodora - visual artist

"I had the privilege of attending "Elegant Thursday" at the "Live Elegantly" Academy. I met with inspiring people, I touched great talents. Thank you!"

Desislava Morales - actress

Desislava Morales - actress

"Live elegantly" Academy, you manage to create an amazing atmosphere! With you, I feel part of a very special society.

Tsvetelina Marinova - performer

Tsvetelina Marinova - performer

The art trainings of the "Live Elegant" Academy have no analogues. I am happy that I was able to take part in the music master classes. The contacts I have made are invaluable.

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