Antonina Stoyanova


Antonina Stoyanova

Antonina Stoyanova is a doctor of international law, a diplomat and a defender of cultural and historical values.

She was the First Lady of Bulgaria (1997-2002) as the spouse of Petar Stoyanov, the second democratically elected president in Bulgaria.

In the family of Antonina Stoyanova, there are famous Bulgarian personalities such as Maria Sutich - the only woman in Benkovski's Flying Squad, described in "Notes on the Bulgarian Uprisings" by Zahari Stoyanov, the actress Olga Petrova, wife of Asparuh Temelkov, Director of the National Theater and the MP Hristo Punev.

Antonina Stoyanova graduated with honours from the English high school in Plovdiv and with a grade for outstanding achievements from the University of Leipzig, Germany. She worked as a lawyer and diplomat at the Bulgarian Embassy in London.

She specialized in "Constitutional Law" in Illinois, USA, and "Commercial Law" in Cologne, Germany.

In 1998, Mrs. Stoyanova established the "Values" foundation  which she is still chairing. Through her Foundation, Mrs. Stoyanova has organized a number of cultural events in the country and abroad, presenting Bulgarian art, education and science as an integral part of European cultural life.

After her husband's term expired, Antonina Stoyanova worked as a lawyer at the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. She speaks English, German, French and Russian fluently.